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Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Alcohol filling

Wine filling machine is our company's traditional series of filling and sealing equipment, suitable for all kinds of round, shaped bottle filling screw (roll) cap. According to different materials, can choose to use metal pump, glass pump, ceramic pump, peristaltic pump and other filling. Adopt a variety of methods  Flow meter  The force of gravity  weighing and piston The main flexible High degree of  Different bottle shapes and cap shapes No replacement parts  Automatic switch  

  • Product details
Technical parameters Technical parameters
Filling quotas 16-60 capacity 3000-24000BPH
Filling range 0.3L-1L Filling level accuracy ±3mm
The engine power Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Gas consumption 600-900NL/MIN Height of operating surface 1500±50mm
Machine size (length*wide*High) The material 304
Electrical configuration Electrical configuration
PLC Siemens Touch screen Siemens
Pneumatic components SMC The circuit breaker Schneider of France
The inverter Danfoss, Denmark Photoelectric sensor Germany Lloyd test
Switch power supply, button, alarm light Schneider of France
Product features Product features
  • Simple structure

    Simple structure

    Mechanical valve negative pressure filling, simple structure, filling speed.

  • High quality material

    High quality material

    The filling valve and its assembly consist of304Constructed of stainless steel, very high finish, easy discharge and barrier-free laminar flow.

  • Automatic stabilization

    Automatic stabilization

    The material cylinder is equipped with a liquid level sensor, which can automatically stabilize the liquid level in the material cylinder by controlling the regulating valve on the material feeding pipe.

  • Ensure the quality

    Ensure the quality

    The cylinder, filling valve and other parts in contact with the material are used304Stainless steel to ensure product quality.

  • Stable and reliable

    Stable and reliable

    The base of the equipment is made of carbon steel and applied externally304Stainless steel, integral welding processing, with enough rigidity and ensure processing assembly accuracy and machine movement stability.

  • The transmission system

    The transmission system

    The combination of reducer motor and open gear drive has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Overload protection

    Overload protection

    Bottle feeding system is composed of bottle feeding screw and star wheel guard plate. The lower part of star wheel is equipped with overload protection device to prevent the equipment parts from being damaged when the bottle is overloaded.

  • Maintenance is convenient

    Maintenance is convenient

    Equipped with centralized lubrication system, convenient maintenance.

Product advantage Product advantages
Reduce artificial

High filling precision

Can reduce material loss for customers, reduce production costs;

To save space

Reduce artificial

Mechanical replacement of labor while reducing the intensity of personnel work, effectively solve the problem of difficult recruitment of enterprises;

To ensure the quality

To ensure the quality

Fully closed filling environment, reduce material and external contact, avoid foreign matter, ensure product quality and safety.

Promote efficiency

Promote efficiency

Fast filling speed, high production efficiency.

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