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The condiment is filled in JYQ

Condiment filling

Condiment filling

1. The blister The filling valve has a special defoaming mechanism, the liquid film is formed when the material flows through the lower valve chamber, and the local micro negative pressure defoaming is used to avoid foaming materials (such as soy sauce) in the filling. .Anti-drip leakage specially designed filling valve, no drip leakage at the end of filling, can be selected according to the characteristics of the material can be replaced. 2. Two speed filling Filling valve has two speed filling function, filling fast first and then slow filling, filling precision is high. For special materials, slow filling can even be set→Quick filling→Fast filling process, avoid the impact of filling. 3. The flow rate of fast filling is adjustable throughout the whole process. The flow rate of fast filling is adjustable. The best filling flow rate can be selected according to the characteristics of filling materials to maximize the efficiency of the equipment and improve the utilization efficiency of the equipment. 4. Perfect sealing mechanism Perfect sealing structure design, with double sealing structure, no leakage, reduce maintenance cost, high reliability. 5. Open filling usin

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