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WELCOMESmart craftsmanship, technology creates the future32 years of building new technologies for Chinese bottled packaging

As a high-tech enterprise with 32 years of bottled packaging technology, Jianbang is committed to providing full-line automatic filling and packaging solutions in the fields of food and beverage, edible oil, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and daily chemicals. Adhering to the value concept of "innovation drives development, technology creates the future", we continue to develop new technologies, research and develop new products and create new markets for China's bottled packaging field.

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Why to automate the whole lineReduce costs and increase efficiency, enhance competitiveness

  • Reduce labor

    Machines replace labor and mass production can effectively solve the problems of difficulty in recruiting and employing people.

  • Save space

    Reasonably plan the site to solve the problem of narrow site and make full use of the site.

  • Improve efficiency

    Working 24 hours a day, the whole process is controllable, improving production efficiency and speeding up the delivery cycle.

  • Quality Assurance

    The whole process is standardized, the process and quality are unified, and the product quality is guaranteed.

  • security

    Machines replace labor, reduce direct contact between workers and equipment, and ensure production safety.

  • Improve competitiveness

    Improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, reduce the comprehensive cost of the enterprise, and enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

Whole line automatic filling solutionProvide turnkey engineering solutions for automated filling and packaging lines

Daily chemical whole line scheme

Daily chemical whole line scheme

Jianbang machinery daily chemical whole line design according toGMPAccording to the prin...

Bottled water whole line solution

Bottled water whole line solution

The automatic bottled water filling production line produced by Jianbang Machinery is ma...

Hot filling whole line solution

Hot filling whole line solution

Fruit juice and tea beverage filling machine integrates washing, filling and capping, th...

Aseptic line whole line scheme

Aseptic line whole line scheme

Carefully designed beverage formula and processing methods, plus appropriatePETBottle an...

Edible oil whole line scheme

Edible oil whole line scheme

Edible oil filling machine slowly appeared in many oil enterprises, the more well-known ...

  • 1Whole line schemeDaily chemical whole line scheme
  • 2Bottled WaterBottled water whole line solution
  • 3Hot fillingHot filling whole line solution
  • 4Sterile lineAseptic line whole line scheme
  • 5Edible oilEdible oil whole line scheme
Filling and Packaging Machinery Equipment CenterIndependent research and development, provide tailor-made
Pretreatment system Bottle blowing machine Filling machine Sterile line All in one machine for blowing pot and spinning Dry package downstream equipment Farm equipment
Linear sterile PET bottle filling machine

Linear sterile PET bottle fill...

Straight line dry sterilization asepsisPETbottle C...

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caseImprove operational efficiency and reduce labor costs for the following companies
Techgen—core competitiveness Taking technology as the first to create good products of the times
Techgen-Strong technology


32 years of experience in the design and development of automatic production lines for food, beverages, medicines, and cosmetics. It has more than 70 R&D engineers and 35 electrical software engineers. It combines independent research and development with German, Italian and other technologies, and has dedicated teams for different types of equipment. Responsible for and won more than 50 patent certificates.

Techgen-Manufacturing strong


The production base covers an area of 33,000 m², with complete various large-scale and precision automated processing equipment, and has independent research and development capabilities for equipment. From planning - design - production operation - product delivery, Jianbang tailor-made solutions for filling and packaging production lines to help improve quality and efficiency , quickly realize intelligent transformation.

Techgen-strong quality


The quality of the equipment is guaranteed from the source to ensure the stable operation of the entire production system. All drawings are strictly checked by engineers, and all accessories are inspected by inspectors before they can be used. It has successively passed ISO9001, EU CE and other qualification certifications, in line with the "China Beverage Packaging" industry standard.

Techgen-Strong service


Pre-sale: Free technical guidance, understand customer needs, and tailor-made solutions; In-sale: Engineers provide on-site training and operation guidance, provide installation services and after-sales maintenance and troubleshooting during the warranty period; 7*24 hours online consultation, providing technology throughout the process Support and guidance; there are offices throughout the country.

Filling machine manufacturer: classification and selection of edible oil filling machines

headlinesFilling machine manufactur...

Filling machine manufacturer: classification and selection of edible oil filling machines.Edible o...

Engineering case of Beijing Dabao daily chemical filling production line

headlinesEngineering case of Beijin...

Case of Beijing Dabao daily chemical filling production line project: the daily chemical automatic...


Into TechgenSince 1989, it has continued to establish new technologies for Chinese bottle packaging

Jianbang as a owned32It is a high-tech enterprise of bottled packaging technology, committed to providing automatic filling and packaging solutions for the wh...see details>>

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