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Edible oil filling

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

1. Straight line bottle blowing machine , Rotary bottle blowing machine 2. Labeling machine ( Cold glue stickers OPP Labeling machine ) 3. Linear weighing and filling machine Rotary weighing filling/Capping machine Linear flowmeter filling machine( Nitrogen protection Prevent oil oxidation or Liquid nitrogen LN2filling ) In addition to anti-drip leakage edible oil anti-mould edible oil precise filling ( +/- 1g ) 4. Photographic visual inspection (bottle cap/Liquid level/The label/Jet code) foreign body detector 5. Laser code printer 6. Automatic ring lifting machine Spider manipulator Put a ring Automatic ring lifting machine 7. Out of the/packing/Sealing machine 8. Robot palletizer 9. Whole factory delivery, Clip bottle conveying, Spiral promotion 10. The full automatic artificial intelligence oil production line ADAPTS to different output And bottle type, Glass bottle PET bottle , plasticHDPEbottle

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