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Edible oil filling machine

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

Edible oil filling production line

1.      Straight line bottle blowing machine , Rotary bottle blowing machine

2.      Labeling machine ( Cold glue stickers OPP Labeling machine )

3.      Linear weighing and filling machine  Rotary weighing filling/Capping machine Linear flowmeter filling machine( Nitrogen protection Prevent oil oxidation      or Liquid nitrogen LN2filling ) In addition to anti-drip leakage edible oil anti-mould edible oil precise filling ( +/- 1g  )

4.      Photographic visual inspection (bottle cap/Liquid level/The label/Jet code) foreign body detector

5.    Laser code printer

6.     Automatic ring lifting machine    Spider manipulator Put a ring Automatic ring lifting machine

7.      Out of the/packing/Sealing machine

8.      Robot palletizer

9.      Whole factory delivery, Clip bottle conveying, Spiral promotion

10.  The full automatic artificial intelligence oil production line ADAPTS to different output And bottle type, Glass bottle  PET bottle , plasticHDPEbottle

  • Product details
Technical parameters Technical parameters
Filling quotas 6-32 capacity 10-120 BPM(Depending on material and filling volume)
Filling range 0.25L-20L Filling accuracy ± 1 g(5LσValue)
The engine power 3-15kw Air pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
Gas consumption 600-900NL/MIN Height of operating surface 1500 mm
Machine size (length*wide*High) The material 304 316Stainless steel
Electrical configuration Electrical configuration
PLC Siemens Touch screen Siemens
Pneumatic components SMC The circuit breaker Schneider of France
The inverter Danfoss, Denmark Photoelectric sensor Germany Lloyd test
Switch power supply, button, alarm light Schneider of France
Product features Product features
  • High quality material

    High quality material

    Material contact parts are made of stainless steelSUS316orSUS304;

  • Double speed filling

    Double speed filling

    Filling valve adopts double speed filling, with fast filling and slow filling function;

  • One key operation

    One key operation

    Adopt motion controller andHMIMan-machine operation interface, parameters can be called by one key in the operation interface;

  • High filling precision

    High filling precision

    High precision electronic scale, high filling precision;

  • No bottle no filling

    No bottle no filling

    The bottle feeding system adopts photoelectric detection, so that there is bottle filling, no bottle filling;

  • Drip tight

    Drip tight

    Anti-drip, anti-splash design, can effectively solve the phenomenon of oil dripping.

  • To adapt to the diverse

    To adapt to the diverse

    Filling machine has lifting adjustment device, suitable for different bottle filling.

  • Cleaning without dead Angle

    Cleaning without dead Angle

    Material tank with cleaning device, easy to clean without dead Angle, suitable for a variety of material production;

  • To reduce pollution

    To reduce pollution

    The filling gland is carried out synchronously to reduce pollution and ensure food installation.

Product advantage Product advantages
Reduce artificial

High filling precision

Can reduce material loss for customers, reduce production costs;

To save space

Reduce artificial

Mechanical replacement of labor while reducing the intensity of personnel work, effectively solve the problem of difficult recruitment of enterprises;

To ensure the quality

To ensure the quality

Fully closed filling environment, reduce material and external contact, avoid foreign matter, ensure product quality and safety.

Promote efficiency

Promote efficiency

Fast filling speed, high production efficiency.

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