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Techgen: Since 1989, it has continued to establish new technologies for Chinese bottled packaging
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Enter Jianbang Machinery Into Jianbang machinery


Smart artisan Technology and future32Has been establishing new technology for Chinese bottled packaging for years

Jianbang as a owned32It is a high-tech enterprise of bottled packaging technology, committed to providing automatic filling and packaging solutions for the whole line in the fields of food and beverage, edible oil, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals and so on. Adhering to the value concept of "Innovation-driven development, technology to create the future", we continue to develop new technologies, research and develop new products and create new markets for the bottled packaging field in China.

  • 32yearsIndustry precipitation
  • 33000Production base
  • 60+peopleThe after-sales
  • 50+itemA patent for invention
Four advantages of Jianbang machinery To create integrated filling and packaging of the whole line of solution service providers
  • Jianbang machinery differentiation advantage

    Differentiation advantage

    We have established close cooperation with European international packaging enterprises, introduced and absorbed international technology and talents, and have strong support and application cases in sterile dairy products and unmanned automation of whole line packaging

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    Team advantage

    We have our own70More than experienced r & D technical personnel, nationwide distribution in various provinces60Multi-person after-sales service personnel, can quickly solve all kinds of problems at any time

  • Jianbang mechanical solutions advantages

    Solution advantages

    Provide the whole line of unmanned packaging turnkey project, combined with previous experience according to customer production requirements to provide better and more universal solutions;

  • Jianbang machinery technology strength advantage

    Technical strength advantage

    With more than70Human technical team, most employees have high education, foreign training experience, and10-20Years of practical operation experience, formed a technical team echelon establishment.

The enterprise culture Corporate Culture

The enterprise culture

Rakhine machinery Put technology first·Make the best products of The Times

Jianji is a down-to-earth company, jianji is a company of innovative technology, jianji is a company created by ingenuity, jianji is a company with lofty ideals, "Jianji dream" helps life dream, life dream pushes "jianji dream". All our dreams depend on us to move forward hand in hand.

  • Develop new technologyDevelop
    new technology
  • Develop new productsDevelop
    new products
  • Expand into new marketsExpand into
    new markets

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