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Robot packing

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Robot packing

Robot packing

Robot packing

Robot packing

Robot packing

Equipment capacity: 25~30 box/Minutes (5L.2X2 the/Box)          

 type :The robot completes the horizontal movement and the lifting movement to realize the packing action.·           

Packing principle: the robot grabbing head moves to the top of the feeding belt, the robot grabbing head grabs the bottle from the feeding belt, the robot grabbing head moves to the top of the feeding belt, and the bottle moves down and puts in the box.

  • Product details
Technical parameters Technical parameters
The parameter name data model 1000C/3T
Maximum capacity 6000BPH Packing Specification (5L) A single layer2*2
The compressed air Air pressure:0.75Mpa, work pressure:cylinder0.65~0.75Mpa The total power 20Kw
Product features Product featur
  • The quality of.png

    Reliable work

    The machine is grasped by the fixture/For bottles. By robot,Place the bottle safely in the box

  • Insufficient data accuracy-01.png

    Run the accurate

    Parameters and action matching are set by electrical program, Make bottle lifting and landing accurate and smooth

  • The efficiency of.png

    Production efficiency

    In the process of work, the time distribution between each movement is reasonable, there is plenty of time for grabbing and putting bottles, and the movement is fast in the middle of horizontal movement

  • One key operation.png

    Simple and easy operation

    Fully automatic operation,Easy to operate, easy to maintain

  • flexible.png

    The whole line synchronous

    The bottle and box are equipped with frequency converter,Its speed matches the whole line synchronouslyMake the product fully decompression, so that the fixture and product alignment is accurate

  • Strong adaptability

    Strong adaptability

    Enter box, grab head, with manual operation, automatic operation. Safe operation, small site occupation, large operation space

equipment Technical parameters

Robot host and frame /Base.

bottle /Cases of belt.

Control system.

Safety protection device

Robot features Technical parameters

  • a The control unit is embedded in the base of the robot, easy to set up.
  • b Mechanical wrist adopts hollow structure, can avoid the manipulator cable winding to the mechanical wrist during wiring.
  • cVery simple structure ,So the failure rate is low,Easy to maintain,Maintenance and repair.
  • dThe main components are few ,Accessories less,So maintenance costs are low.
  • eLow power consumption.
  • f The robotic arm can be set up in a narrow space ,High efficiency and flexible application of the site.
  • g All controls can be operated by hand touch on the screen of the control cabinet ,The operation is very simple.
  • hThe robotic arm is very flexible.
  • iABB/FANUCbrand
Product advantage Product advantages
Reduce artificial

Reduce artificial

Mechanical replacement of labor while reducing the intensity of personnel work, effectively solve the problem of difficult recruitment enterprises.

To save space

To save space

Mobile, to achieve multi-energy production line, to solve the most of the factory site tension, narrow reality.

To ensure the quality

To ensure the quality

No traditional sealing ring, easy to clean with material contact parts, no dead Angle, avoid foreign matter.

Promote efficiency

Promote efficiency

Movable free combination, quick parts disassembly, fault man-machine interface reset with one key, effectively save replacement items and cleaning time.

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