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Cosmetic filling

Japanese filling production line

Japanese filling production line

1) Material contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS316And zirconia ceramic material.2) Using robot servo system with motion controller control, fast and accurate automatic quantitative filling; Rotary valve made of zirconia material without sealing ring, cleaning without dead Angle. 3) Adopt motion controller and HMIMan-machine operation interface, you can call parameters in the operation interface to reduce manual participation to adjust the mechanical position.4) The robot special servo system, high filling precision, follow the precise positioning, if the servo system alarm without power restart, one button can reset. 5) Filling action is brisk, so that there is bottle filling, high production efficiency. The disassembly and assembly of material contact parts are convenient for cleaning without tools and no dead corner. The individual filling can be flexibly applied and the whole machine can be moved to the cleaning area for independent cleaning. 6) The whole machine adopts stainless steel frame structure, protective door adopts explosion-proof tempered glass or plexiglass transparent material, SUS304Stainless steel countertops. Adopt Ger

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