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Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

Whole line conveying system: Contains 304 solid stainless steel bottle conveying, carton roller conveyor In addition to the drive sprocket/chain, bearing, all metal parts not specified to be AISI304 stainless steel material (plastic chain board only driving shaft and driven shaft can be used to mark 2 cr13 stainless steel), such as: lateral plate, connecting rod, shaft, screws, fastening screw thread glue should be), etc. Empty bottle conveying contains dust cover, real conveying contains oil tank and other products such as lamp box, etc., there is an independent power distribution cabinet to control frequency conversion speed regulation & NBSP; Siemens Siemen PLC (subject to layout drawing) Spiral lift & NBSP; Clamping bottle conveying is suitable for different capacity and bottle shape change

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