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Rotary bottle blowing machine

Rotary bottle blowing machine

Rotary bottle blowing machine

byTechgenTo build the skill rakhine Independently developed by the technical team.Bottle blowing machine has automation, high degree of intelligence, stable and reliable machine performance, low energy consumption Simple structure, high efficiency, products are not polluted by intermediate links and other characteristics, widely used in food, edible oil Dairy drinks yogurt, Beverage, cosmetics, medicine container production. The characteristics of: Special buffer for mould closing of double group bottle blowing machine of high pressure gas recovery systemSEITZLarge flow blowing bottle high pressure valve group forged die frame, strength greatly improved patented bottle out steering system optimized pitch special heating furnace chain for edible oil bottle7075Magnesium aluminum alloy dieIP54Customized color matching standard electric cabinet Siemens Jingzhi series12Inch high-end touch screen SiemensS7 PLCSystems SiemensHCSBus type heating module voltage fluctuation automatic heating compensation functionDanfossTransducer transducer adoptsSICK/Leuze/OPTEXBrand perfect safety protection system environment temperature autom

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