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Ultra-clean filling

Ultra clean filling _1

Ultra clean filling _2

Ultra clean filling _3

Ultra clean filling _4

Ultra-clean filling _5

Ultra-clean filling

Ultra-clean filling

Ultra-clean filling

Ultra-clean filling

Ultra-clean filling

Construction technology Group passed by30In the process of developing aseptic line, we have developed ultra-clean filling machine. Based on the concept of aseptic technology, sterilization performance is higher than the general ultra-clean filling equipment, using dry sterilization  Dry with sterile hot air  No need to consume water to flush the bottle  No residual water droplets Affect product quality At the same time, a variety of optional functions can be combined and matched to meet customers' diversified needs.

  • Product details
Technical parameters Technical parameters
To adapt to the bottle PET/HDPE/PP The sealing way Screw cover 28/38
The host way Rotary weighing type The sterilization ways dry
Filling range 90ml~1500ml Speed range 4000BPH~36000BPH
The host materials 304Stainless steel Contact product material 316Stainless steel and other food grade materials
Bactericidal agents Peracetic acid (hydrogen peroxide) Wash after sterilization Hot air decomposition
Screw LIDS Magnetic moment type,Servo optional Cover sterilization method Ultraviolet (uv),Hydrogen peroxide is optional
Filling valve choose1: liquid two-speed fine filling valve
choose2: piston fruit filling valve
choose3: Initial piston filling+Liquid essence of irrigation
Filling accuracy Small bottle±0.75g~1.5g
Big bottle±0.5‰~1.5‰
Other blocking methods Aluminum foil seal (optional) Specifications switching Quick insertion and removal of fixture
auxiliary1 Hydrogen peroxide carburetor auxiliary2(optional) On-line fruit mixing system
Cleaning method Customers can be connected to the whole factoryCIP/SIPsystem auxiliary3(optional) independentCIP/SIP
Filling the environment Ultra-clean laminar flow wind system COP/SOP Optional supporting piping and control system
Control system Touch screen man-machine interface Management control Touch screen hierarchical password management.
System can be added1 VLSHigh viscosity products speed up under pressure System can be added2 Upper machineSCADA/MESAnd so on.
The safety prevention and control Equipped with full security defense system Including electromagnetic safety door, multiple emergency stop switch, multi-level overload protection.
The brand of form a complete set SiemensPLC.SICKElectric eye, Siemens touch screen, Schneider power distribution, Danfoss inverter,SEWThe motor, International standard flame retardant cable, etc. Pneumatic part selectionFESTO/SMCEtc.
Product features Product features
  • High quality material

    Multiple specifications meet

    Filling speed can be according to the actual needs of customers to meet multiple specifications and requirements. Such as:350ml~500mlAvailable in the speed range8000BPH~36000BPHTo choose from,4L~6LProducts can do that6000BPH.Compatibility can also be considered.

  • Safety and environmental protection

    Filling system

    Filling health grade and filling products: super clean filling method, can fill most yogurt, fruit juice, protein drinks, tea drinks and other products. And can be optional to add fruit filling system and suitable for fruit filling system.

  • One key operation

    One key operation

    The sealing method usually adopts screw cap, which can be used for magnetic torque cap which requires mechanical adjustment of torque, or servo electronic torque adjustable cap which can be adjusted on the touch screen by pressing keys.

  • Accurate positioning

    A variety of materials

    Suitable for various container materials such asPET,HDPE.PPAnd so on.

  • Production efficiency

    The sterilization ways

    Sterilization, container sterilization using dry vaporization hydrogen peroxide sterilization heating air decomposition, cover sterilization usually using ultraviolet sterilization, if the customer needs a higher level, can also use hydrogen peroxide dry sterilization way to deal with the lid.

  • Strong adaptability

    Accuracy of unity

    Liquid filling method adopts weighing filling, empty bottle weighing, gross weight clearing, net weight filling, weight check after filling and so on. Do not fill without bottles, empty bottles do not fill unqualified weight, filling weight incorrect automatic elimination and other practical functions. At the same time, it has the advantages of high filling precision, low filling discrete value and high precision uniformity.

  • Clean and convenient

    Piston filling valve

    For products containing particles, we can directly choose our special piston filling valve for mixed particles, which can cut off fruit and part of fiber particles. Our specially designed piston filling valve has high precision.

  • Two-step filling

    Two-step filling

    Because big fruit grain grain, one has2g~4gIt is difficult to achieve high precision with only fruit piston filling valve, so the capacity is80%Fruit piston valve, to carry out the initial filling, after the initial filling, to the weighing filling module, total weight check, on the remaining20%Two speed liquid filling valve is used for fine filling. Ensure high accuracy of fruit grain.

  • Two-step filling

    Pressure to accelerate

    Our companyVLS(Virtual real-time control of liquid level) Filling system (optional), which can accelerate the filling of thick materials with pressure, and also can defoam products easy to bubble with negative pressure or pressure.

  • Two-step filling


    CIP/SIPCleaning, access to most plants equipped with the whole plant cleaning system.

  • Two-step filling

    Continuous production

    Continuous production time up to72hours~96Hours.

  • Two-step filling

    External cleaning

    If the customer needs, can buyCOP/SOPExternal spray piping system, can cooperate with the customer's external cleaning machine for cleaning.

Product advantage Product advantages
Reduce artificial

Reduce artificial

Mechanical replacement of labor while reducing the intensity of personnel work, effectively solve the problem of difficult recruitment enterprises.

To save space

To save space

Mobile, to achieve multi-energy production line, to solve the most of the factory site tension, narrow reality.

To ensure the quality

To ensure the quality

No traditional sealing ring, easy to clean with material contact parts, no dead Angle, avoid foreign matter.

Promote efficiency

Promote efficiency

Movable free combination, quick parts disassembly, fault man-machine interface reset with one key, effectively save replacement items and cleaning time.

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