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CIP system

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CIP system

CIP system

CIP system

CIP system

CIP system

CIP SIP Full automatic cleaning Disinfection sterilization  Including pre-treatment and filling machine Alkali acid is not added by hand On-line automatic deployment  PLC Fully automatic control  Safe and reliable

  • Product details
Technical parameters Technical parameters
Hot water system High soluble sugar
Emulsifying homogenizer The sterilization system
On line hybrid system Temporary storage buffer tank
UHTSterile barrels line
Fully automatic control system CIP/ SIP
Product features Product features
  • Stainless steel

    Stainless steel

    Material contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS 316 or SUS 304

  • Detailed scheme design

    Detailed scheme design

    PID Diagram design, layout diagramCAD, mixing module design, equipment list

  • Process equipment

    Process equipment

    Main pot, auxiliary pot, stirring, pipes and fittings, uniform bottom/The process pipeline in the mold block of emulsifying machine.

  • Drink craft

    Drink craft

    Hot water to make Soluble sugar hybrid homogeneous stir storage The automatic control CIP

  • Utility equipment

    Utility equipment

    Public engineering equipment, pipes and fittings of the whole plant in the module

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