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Linear bottle blowing machine

Linear bottle blowing machine

Bottle blowing machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic particles into hollow containers by blow molding process, and blows plastic particles (softened into liquid) or prepared bottle blanks into bottles by certain technological means. Bottle blowing machine is convenient and quick, and the molding quantity is large.

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system composition system composition
SiemensSiemens PLC Full servo motion control system
High pressure gas recovery system Automatic environmental temperature compensation system
Single cavity high velocity
production capacity productive power
production capacity

20L:1200 BPH, 2400 BPH

10L: 1600 BPH, 2400 BPH

5L: 2000 BPH, 3000 BPH, 4000BPH

1.8L, 2.5LWith handle: 1000 BPH, 2000 BPH

500 ml: 12,000 BPH, 18,000 BPH

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