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Edible oil whole line scheme

Whether there are following problems in the production process of edible oilFind a way·Problem solved?

  • Edible oil safety, worrying

    Edible oil safety, worrying

    There are many kinds of edible oils
    Can security be guaranteed?
    Production process environment
    Can health be guaranteed?

  •  Work efficiency, difficult to improve

    Work efficiency, difficult to improve

    Traditional edible oil filling machine has low working efficiency
    You don't get an increase in production
    Inconvenient to operate.
    It is time-consuming, laborious and time-consuming

  • It takes up too much space and wastes space

    It takes up too much space and wastes space

    The machine occupies too large area and the utilization rate is low
    You can't reduce your footprint
    Very inconvenient
    Waste of space resources

Find Jianbang Machinery to help you solve it

Rakhine machinery·The whole line

Through the process design of the production line, jianbang machinery whole line scheme will take the occupation of land, safety and other factors into consideration, and then get the optimal arrangement of machines, reduce the occupation of land at the same time, to avoid safety hazards. Jianbang machinery with years of research and development, innovation and production experience, summed up a set of practical edible oil whole line scheme. And can be applied to all kinds of flavoring products packaging, lubricating oil and other products filling. High efficiency and energy saving, compared with traditional efficiency30%to35%, can give customers savings10-15%Cost of production.
  • securitysecurity
  • efficiencyefficiency
  • Reduce the footprintReduce the footprint

The whole line advantage·Enhance competitiveness

To save space

Plan the site reasonably, solve the problem of narrow site and make full use of the site. Machine instead of manual, mass production.


Machine instead of manual, reduce workers and equipment direct contact, to ensure production safety.

Enhance competitiveness

Improve the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce the comprehensive cost of enterprises, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Quality guarantee

The whole process standardized operation, process, quality unified, product quality is guaranteed.

Rakhine manufacturing·Partner selection

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